While on holiday at camping Garlaban, don’t miss out on the discovery of the Calanques of Cassis. Discover our suggested itineraries and our advice for hiking in the calanques and enjoying the exceptional landscapes.

Circuits and itineraries for hiking in the calanques of Cassis

It is possible to leave from the centre of Cassis, but also to park your vehicle near the Port Miou cove, on the Presqu’île car park or on the Bestouan car park.

The itinerary, which starts at the Port Miou cove, allows you to discover three beautiful coves in succession: Port Miou, Port Pin and En-Vau. You will need to walk for a total of 3 hours: 1.5 hours on the outward journey and 1.5 hours on the return journey, to complete the 12 km circuit in total.

If you want to opt for a shorter walk, stop at the Port-Pin cove: this will cut the walking time in half.

With a pushchair or very young children, simply walk along the Port-Miou cove to admire the countless sailing boats moored there, then turn back before heading out onto the paths.

If you go as far as Port-Pin, the path takes you to the bottom of the calanque: we advise you to bring a swimming costume as swimming is tempting there!

Safety tips

Between Port-Miou and Port-Pin, it is advisable to take the new GR 98-51 if you are not equipped with good shoes or if you are in the company of young children: the old path offers even more beautiful views, but also has slippery parts that have become dangerous.

The En-Vau cove is only accessible on foot or by boat. If you wish to continue after this third cove, be prepared for a much more technical walk.

Before any hike in the creeks of Cassis, find out if access is forbidden, which is frequent in summer due to the risk of fire.

Above all, do not make the mistake of undertaking the hike in flip-flops or sandals: the stone has become slippery with repeated use, and the cliff sides are very steep, often vertiginous.

Check the weather forecast before setting off, as a hike in the calanques can be very dangerous in case of mistral.

Finally, remember to bring plenty of water, protect your head from the sun and put on sun cream. The calanques site is particularly dry and sunny. There are no shade points or water supplies.

With children, choose the first one, or even the first two creeks depending on their age.